LTC manager auto-filling shifts with FlorenceLTC manager filling shifts with Auto-Fill

100% shifts filled, 0% stress

Stay fully staffed year-round with Auto-Fill from Florence. Invite your team to the right shifts in under 30 seconds.

How Auto-Fill works

Broadcast shifts

Invite employees to apply for open shifts in under a minute. No more stressful calling, emailing and texting.

Empower employees

Your employees receive a text message with open shifts. No login needed. Review and accept shifts in a click.

Union compliant

Notify your employees all at once or in seniority order based on collective bargaining agreements.

Expand network

If you’re unable to fill the shift internally, tap into Florence’s vetted healthcare professional network in a click.
Safiqa Kara

Florence's SMS shift call out system has made notifying our healthcare staff about shift changes, emergencies, or last-minute replacements a breeze.

The messages are delivered instantly, ensuring timely responses, and reducing the risk of staffing gaps.

The intuitive interface is easy to navigate, even for our non-tech savvy team members.

Setting up the call out lists and managing our contacts takes minutes, saving our team time.

Safiqa Kara
Director of Care at Generations Calgary

Say goodbye to stressful scheduling

Improve staff engagement

No more stressful emailing, texting, and calling.

SMS-send open shifts to available employees in seconds. Staff accept shifts in one tap.

Improve employee morale, eliminate phone avoidance and give your team a guilt-free way to pick up extra shifts.

Build transparency and increase hours worked by under-utilized team members.
Florence user using there app on the go
Auto-Fill sending shifts in a union-compliant manner

Union compliant

Smart but simple.

Shifts are sent out in seniority order to align with collective bargaining agreements.

Fully tracked to see status of the callout in-progress, sent and cancelled. Real-time audit reports always available.

Expand your network in a click

If you’re unable to fill shifts with internal staff, shifts go out to high quality, vetted Florence healthcare professionals.

You set the rates and choose the candidates. You’re always in control.
Florence workers on the app
Florence workers around Canada on a map

Canada’s #1 alternative to staffing agencies

We’re on a mission to tackle the healthcare staffing gap. We believe there’s a more sustainable and transparent option to staffing agencies, and we’d love to show you how. We’re tech-enabled but always human first.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get set up?

Set up is simple and fast with Florence.

Once we gather your collective bargaining agreement requirements and staff list, set up takes under an hour. In addition, we’ll make sure you have a comprehensive onboarding session, training and employee-facing materials so rollout is streamlined.

Does Auto-Fill work in a unionized environment?

Absolutely. Our system can be set up to align with your specific collective bargaining agreement(s) as needed.

You’ll get access to real-time tracking of when shift notifications are sent, and audit reports to address any shift-related grievances.

Is Auto-Fill user friendly?

Yes! Our app was built with ease of use in mind. Regardless of experience with technology, administrators can easily send shifts out in a matter of seconds.

In addition, we’ll ensure you have a comprehensive onboarding session, training and employee facing materials to ensure a streamlined rollout.

Can we use the Auto-Fill callout feature without shifts going to Florence professionals?

Absolutely. Florence is configurable based on your needs. We can set you up to send shifts out to your own staff. Using the Florence network is an added benefit we offer, but not required.

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