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Case study: Oakminster Healthcare

Learn why care home manager Darren Kelly loves using Florence to fill shifts and reduce staff shortages at five Oakminster locations in Scotland.

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About Oakminster

Oakminster Healthcare has a strong, caring permanent team and a dedicated, person-centric approach to care.

Residents receive bespoke treatments, which get tailored to their unique needs. Oakbridge has a strong background in dementia and memory care as well as 24-hour nursing care.

The challenge

Staff shortages are one of Darren’s biggest challenges. He often has to find nurses and care assistants for all five Oakminster homes at short notice.

Finding reliable coverage makes his life much easier – especially when he’s on call at the weekends.

Darren Kelly shares…

“I manage all aspects of Oakbridge Care Home [one of Oakminster's five homes] – from a care perspective, from a quality perspective, and from a business perspective as well.

“It’s all encompassing, and never boring. It’s always very interesting, always very engaging, and there’s always something needing to be done.

“We've had to think on our feet an awful lot recently, but it’s been quite a rewarding time, too.

“This is the best job in the world, but it can be the most difficult as well.”

Darren Kelly
Florence carers looking at shifts on the app

Finding reliable cover with Florence

“We use Florence to fill shifts, sometimes at short notice. When we’re on call at the weekend we have to cover five homes, so I speak to the Florence team quite frequently.

“Everyone I talk to is brilliant. Whenever you need support, there’s always someone on the end of the phone and there’s a real personal touch, which is amazing."

"“They’ll happily be texting me at 8 or 9 o’clock at night because they’ve got somebody to cover a shift, and it really makes a difference.”

Darren Kelly, Oakminster Healthcare

Staff shortages, solved

“Since working with Florence, we’ve had less staff shortages. When staff drop out at the last minute, Florence can always cover those shifts – any day or time.

“The quality of the staff is really good as well. We’ve managed to get some continuity going with staff. It’s nice for the residents to know who’s looking after them.

“I can have up to five homes needing cover at once. It’s freed up a lot of time, you’re not having to call on call staff which means you can focus on what matters, which is giving the best care.”

Care home manager

Easy to use

“Florence is really easy to use – and I’m not the most tech savvy person, to be honest.

“For example, if you’re posting a last minute shift and it gets filled, a text goes to your phone and that’s hugely helpful.

"You know that your shift is covered and you can rest easy; especially when I'm on call at the weekend."

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